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     Licensed by:
     Georgia Public Commission

     Listed as:
     Limousine Service Atlanta, LLC

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Atlanta GA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of limousine companies licensed with Georgia Public Service Commission:

We are listed as Limousine Service Atlanta, LLC - James Garland - 770-882-4449




Here is the Georgia Public Service Commission's report on our company:



I have never rented a limo before. What information should I know before calling for a quote?


     Approximate date, day of the week, pickup time?

     Approximate number of people: 2, 10, 12, 15, 18  or 24?

     Approximate number of hours needed?

     Type of limousine you want?



Can we bring our own alcohol?


     * Must be 21 years of age to drink alcohol in limousine *


     Sure! No problem. Bring all the alcohol you want.

     We will provide ice and softdrinks: coke, sprite, diet coke and water.

     This is one of the main reasons people use limousine, to avoid DUIs.

     It cost a lot less and no one misses the fun by being the Desinated Driver.




When does the time start and end?


     Time begins when we pickup the first person and ends when we let the last person off.     



Can I be just picked up and dropped off and not get charged for the time in the middle?


     Pickup and drop-offs are available anytime accept on Saturday nights.

     Pickup and drop-offs are not available for high traffic events: ballgames or concerts.     

     Pickups and drops are not charged by the hour but by a fixed price.

     Call me to see if pickups and drops will save you money.



What do I need to do to reserve a limousine?


     1. Check availability by using the form in the top right corner of each page,

          or call me on my cell phone til 9 pm - 770-882-4449.     

     2. Go to Reserve Now page and purchase your limousine reservation:

         Reservation fees are  $39, $49 or $59 depending onthe  limousine you choose.

     3. You will receive a confirmation by email and telephone to confirm details.